Mini App Development

Build your mini app modules within Tagcash, using templates created by us, or create your own from scratch. What you build can exist inside Tagcash, accessible from the Services list and added to favorites on the user dashboard, or it can associated with a QR code and scanned from within Tagcash to access it directly. Your apps can also be standalone as a white label application, or a combination of both. Applications you build can include the Tagcash wallet, and many other features in Tagcash applications.

We use Flutter open source development framework, so it is easy to build projects using UX markup code and javascript. The resulting applications are native, cross platform on Android, IOS and Desktop.

Get started today by downloading the development repository, installing Flutter and see what you can create!

  • Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia,[4] and the web from a single codebase.[5].
  • Tagcash is currently being redeveloped in Flutter, and will enable dynamic loading of modules that you create.

Main Flutter Site


Flutter Github

Flutter Tutorial

Flutter Showcase

Create Mini App

Users and groups can create mini apps. To create a mini app select mini app from Navigation Drawer.
Mini app creating is possible in live mode only. Mini apps will be available in beta mode also for testing.

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Mini App Details

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Geo Restriction

You can restrict the availability of app to a specific country or a location. Location will be latitude longitude with radius.

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Mini App Access

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Make your app free or paid

The monthly subscription apps allow app users to subscribe and pay a monthly fee. Users will be charged in TAG or PHP.

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Agree to the terms and conditions to create the Mini App.

Managing Mini App

If Development Method is Flutter or HTML a git project will be created for this mini app. Details of git repository will be provided after mini app is created. New user will receive a mail with login details to this repository.

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Scanning this QR with Tagcash app will load the mini app.
Add the users that can preview this app in beta mode for testing before publishing.
After development and testing submit the app for review to publish the app for live use.

Developing Flutter App

Tagcash flutter mini apps will be compiled to web application and deployed to Tagcash server. Make sure Flutter app has web support

Note: For Flutter web applications you need to be running the beta channel of Flutter at present.

Run the following commands to use the latest version of the Flutter SDK from the beta channel and enable web support:

flutter channel beta
flutter upgrade
flutter config --enable-web

Add web support to an existing app

To add web support to an existing project, run the following command in a terminal from the root project directory:

flutter create .

Tagcash mini apps are not hosted in the root of server so remove the <base href="/"> from the index.html you can find in web directory.

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After above changes commit your code to the repository to trigger continuous deployment. You can track the build and deploy pipeline from CI / CD > Pipelines in specific mini app repository.

Accessing Tagcash API

Parameters that need to use the Tagcash API will be passed to the mini app as a query string

token : Secured access token of current user or group will be passed to the mini app.

server : 'beta' or 'live', API server in use when mini app is loaded.

             Beta server path

             Live server path

type : Active perspective 'community' or 'user'

theme : App theme 'light' or 'dark';

Tagcash mini app projects are without a login option. When it is loaded from tagcash super app access token will be passed as a query string as mentioned above. For debug builds you will have to set the access token manually in code - you can get details about all APIs on Tagcash Developer website and beta access token can be generated from there.

Sample project

This repository can be used as a reference for API access