Fund Your Wallet

Funding Wallets

This can only be done in the demo sandbox environment

Copy the code below and use the Voucher Redeem within the web app or mobile apps, or use the API itself to redeem it. (Merchant.Voucher)

Fiat Currency - PHP 1000 - Voucher Code: PHP-yk3fre5Kdk

Cryptocurrency - TAGX 1000 - Voucher Code: TAGX-ZqUN2LjtO7

Using Mobile Wallets

Download Tagcash Wallet from iOS appstore or Android Google Play Store

Although you can login to and redeem the amounts above to play with, you can also use the same registration info to login to the mobile apps using format "youremail or ID / demo" and your password. (eg:, password blahblah). You will see a different set of data from the live wallet and can load the amounts from above. Remember, it's not real money. The Stellar testnet is also integrated into the demo website and mobile apps.