Blockchain Integration

Stellar Integration

Tagcash integrates with any assets created on Stellar (

Once an asset is created on Stellar, it can be connected in Tagcash from the merchant view by adding a new currency and entering the issuer address.

Once the asset is added, it can now be sent back and forth from Tagcash to any external wallet - tagcash absorbs the Stellar fees for transactions. Transactions take only a few seconds.

Ethereum ERC20 Token Integration

ERC20 Tokens can be added to Tagcash in the same manner as Stellar, but unlike Stellar assets we handle withdrawals manually, so not quite as fast.

Multichain Integration

For data tracking, timestamping and storage we utilize Multichain, open source blockchain software. APIs for this are available to post data to a shared chain, or private chains can be set up for you to connect and integrate.