Blockchain Integration


Tagcash uses open source permissioned blockchain software from

Once installed, using terminal commands you can connect to the various chains we operate. To connect to the main tagcash chain, the command is:

multichaind &

This will prompt you to ask for permission to add your public address, which you can do once logged in at Use the left menu navigation option under "Connect Blockchain"

After adding your address, you can now run the chain using the terminal command:

multichaind tagcash -daemon &

It is probably a good idea to go through the Getting Started tutorial on multichain. When using the terminal, you can use the long commands multichain-cli tagcash 'command' but you would be better to enter the command prompt by first typing multichain-cli tagcash and at the command promot just entering the commands. For example to create a new address in the wallet, the command would be getnewaddress. For a full list of commands type help.

To access the demo blockchain, and use in conjunction with or logged in as demo user in mobile apps, this is the connection method

multichaind &

and after adding permission to connect at then run the command to start the chain:

multichaind tagcash-beta -daemon &

You can connect your own apps to your chain using RPC-JSON commands sent to your chain. Remember to set up the multichain.conf file with the RPC username, password, IP restrictions and port number. This file is inside the tagcash or tagcash-beta directory which is inside the .multichain directory and should look like this:

rpcport=3001 (demo is 3003)


The ability to create new assets in the chain, is managed by Tagcash, and new assets can only be created from the web wallet or tagcash mobile apps. Most assets have no restrictions (unless you set restrictions when creating an asset), so amounts can be transferred to and from Tagcash apps to your own chain instance. In the live chain, Fiat money (like PHP, USD etc), is restricted so that we must give permission to an address before it can send and receive. At the moment we only allow verified merchants to do this. However on the demo chain, there are no restrictions so you can transfer PHP back and forth from Tagcash wallets to your chain instance with no problems.

For example: once connected to the demo chain, at the prompt type getnewaddress and then copy that address and send PHP (topped up via the demo vouchers) from the mobile or web wallet. After a a few seconds, get the balance on your chain using command getmultibalances address and paste your address instead of the word address.